Spanish translation

English to Spanish and Spanish to English translation

We offer sworn translation and certified translation.

Sworn translation (Traducción jurada de ingles).

Sworn Translation it`s a notarial document attest to the fidelity of a translation. Translators Juries are entitled by law. Sworn translations are always delivered on paper, signed and sealed by the Sworn Translator, including at the end of a legend indicating that this is a completely faithful translation of the original. Sworn translation is required in all cases if you represent you documents in Spain for any official reasons, for example, you must have a sworn translation of your English documents if you:

  • Applying for a residency in Spain
  • Opening a brunch of your corporation is Spain
  • Registration a car in Spain
  • Applying for a job in Spain
  • Going to continue your education is Spain
  • And so on.

Sworn Translations in principle always include 3 elements: a translated text, a copy of original document or an original document, information about a sworn translator. All pages of sworn translation must be signed and sealed by a translator. On the last page, at the end, you will see that a sworn translator declaring that  a sworn translation is complete and faithful reproduction of the original.

Sworn translations are more expensive and take longer than normal translation. So please make sure that you need a sworn translation not a certified translation.

Certified translation.

 Certified translations are very common in the US, so if you need to translate your documents doe using them in the United States of America, including to represent them in the Spanish consulate or Spanish Embassy in the US. Certified translations have stamped of a translator on each page of the translation. Certified translations are regularly less expensive and takes less time to make them.

 What kind of documents do we translate from Spanish to English and vice versa?

Academic degrees, Academic Certificates, Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Association, Bank statements, Driver Licensees, ID / NIE / Passport, Marriage certificate, Birth certificate, Family Book, Death certificate,  Criminal records, Medical Records, Manuals, Patents and trademarks, Purchase Agreements, Mortgages, Judicial Resolutions and etc.

Our fees.

The prices for English to Spanish and Spanish to English translations depend on the type of translation you need. Certified translation starts from 25EUR per a page, sworn translations starts from 40 EUR per a page.

To make sure what will be the final price in your particular circumstances please send us a message, using the from below describing your situation, the purpose of translation and approximate number of pages you need to translate. The documents also could be attached to the contact from for a faster quote.  We will come back to you as fast as possible with our offer containing the final price and a timeliness.

Please be award that the quote for translations includes postal costs if you are anywhere in Spain. If you need to get your translation out of Spain (we work worldwide), we will discuss a postal expenses with you separately.